Commercial Solutions

Patented fluorescence spectroscopy technology

FluroTech’s patented fluorescence spectroscopy technology was originally conceived as an cost effective, portable measurement device for the detection of contaminants and toxins in the environmental and medical sectors. 

FluroTech used its patented technology upon the legalization of Cannibis for medical and adult use in Canada, initially focused on agricultural yield optimization providing an inhouse alternative to expensive laboratory installations. With the passing of the US Farm bill legalizing the production of Hemp growers had a new agricultural opportunity provided they could ensure their product did not exceed the legal limit of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for Hemp.

Recognizing that Hemp producers faced the loss of their crop if they failed to maintain THC limits within legal limits FlurTech optimized it testing device to allow low detection limits of THC to one tenth of one percent.  The Hemp test developed by FluroTech now provides producers and law enforcement the ability to quickly determine a plants cannabinoid composition to ensure the THC percentage  is below the legal limit for Hemp with confidence the results are accurate and meet regulatory requirements.

FluroTech’s patented Completest system provides cultivators with the technology enabling testing of plants continuously through the cultivation cycle.  Armed with the data from continuous testing, cultivators are able to determine the levels of THCa and CBDa and modify the production process thus improving the likelihood of safe, compliant products.

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