Frequently Asked Questions

FluroTech is a technology company that develops cannabis testing applications utilizing new and unique spectroscopy-based technology. CompleTest™ is the flagship brand product line that incorporates the testing device and the related test kits.

FluroTech with its CompleTest™ technology, delivers a superior product in regards to accuracy, test efficiency, versatility and peace of mind for the consumer. Other labs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and operate. Third-party lab testing is also often costly, inaccurate, inconsistent, and can take weeks to deliver results.

We are the only company using our spectroscopy technology and consequently this allows us to truly be more accurate than other testing methods such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography testing. This technology has been developed over a period of 11 years.

a. People, People, People – World Renowned Scientists, Experienced Management, Seasoned Advisors, Top Qualified Consultants

FluroTech is made up of highly skilled scientists and well-established business people. Supporting the Company is a team of innovative, trusted, and adaptive consultants and advisors.

b. Technology: What is Spectroscopy? How is the Technology Protected?

Spectroscopy is the study of light interacting with matter and harnessing it in ways that are useful to science and industry.

Although spectroscopy technology is fairly common, FluroTech’s developments are unique to proprietary technology. Several anti-tampering strategies are employed to stop competition from reverse-engineering our technology. Patents are also being pursued.

The most significant part of the technology is in the reagents used to perform the tests. Even if the technology were duplicated, no prospective competitor could use it without determining the exact chemicals and proportions used.

c. What are the various and recurring revenue opportunities?

As legal adult use of cannabis approaches, current and evolving government regulations require strict testing for cannabis and cannabis related products. Through the CompleTest™, licensed producers, micro producers and other regulated businesses will be able to test their product for various organic and inorganic compounds. This ensures they know what is in their cannabis before sending to a certified lab for inspection. Tests can be done as the plant is growing to ensure crop optimization and that the THC/CBD concentrations are present. The technology also serves as a crop optimization tool.

Additionally, we are developing a device for roadside and industrial testing to detect impairment which will further increase the Company’s market opportunity.

Issues with current commercial labs including cost, backlog, availability and cross-lab variability issues are making companies in the cannabis industry consider alternative methods for testing, tracking, and screening. CompleTest™ can solve these issues and provide efficient, speedy and accurate in-house testing without special training being required.

Regulations are inconsistent in terms of what testing is required and in the United States, shipping samples across state lines for testing is illegal at the federal level, a trend not expected to reverse anytime soon. To get around the need to ship samples, producers and facilities can use the CompleTest™ for their testing requirements.

The variable nature of this instance makes the task nearly impossible.

Globally, the device will be used to determine the concentration of THC from salvia.

Going beyond legal compliance, as a protective measure or branding strategy, some companies are choosing to thoroughly test their cannabis to promote consumer confidence. Continuous testing demonstrates care and respect for the consumer.

The Canadian government is searching for ways to track cannabis sources to differentiate legally produced cannabis from black market sources. This has given rise to FluroTech’s Biomarking project.

Additionally, current roadside testing kits have proven unreliable at best and a FluroTech adaptation of the technology to mobile units would be a strong tool for law enforcement agencies.

Biomarking is a commercial application developed by FluroTech, which gives cultivators, producers and regulatory bodies the capability of tracking cannabis from seed to sale. This will decrease the entry of black market cannabis into the supply chain.

Benefits also include consistency of product, peace of mind for consumer and regulated cannabis enforcement on a quick and cost effective platform.

A block chain application is being pursued whereby the Biomarking technology will make it possible to track and provide ready access to the cannabis product data all along the supply chain.

To our knowledge, there no other companies utilizing technology such as ours in the marketplace.

As the technology is universally adaptable and government policies continue to favour cannabis deregulation, FluroTech expects to quickly pursue the global market opportunity. Initial expansion opportunities include the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Australia.

FluroTech ​plans to initially penetrate the Canadian market, shortly followed by the American market. After successfully establishing our branding and products, international expansion will be the next goal. The Company often receives international inquiries and we are keen on serving the international market.

The testing market is growing constantly. From government standards, testing will be required on a continuous basis for different batches, grow rooms and strains. Current labs are often backlogged with tests, there is substantial demand for testing devices to produce accurate results in a short time.

A recent MJBiz Daily article estimates the current testing market to be $1.7 billion annually in America.

FluroTech’s target consumers are licensed producers, micro producers, retailers and any business or facility that grows, processes or sells cannabis.

Additional target audiences include law enforcement agencies for roadside testing, government regulators to use our Biomarking application and industrial testing agencies for use in drug testing and screening.

  1. Heavy metals testing (lead, mercury and cadmium);
  2. THC/ CBD potency testing
  3. Pesticide testing
  4. Fentanyl and other opiate testing
  5. Roadside testing
  6. Industrial testing
  7. Biomarking and with block chain capability

The grower or facility operator will determine the amount and timing of tests required and consequently that number of tests can vary. CompleTest™ can be used for crop optimization, any time a grower wants to check the crop for different concentrations or contaminants, a test can be done. However, under government regulations, testing is only required at certain periods. Local regulations also play a role in testing requirements. Because of the cost effectiveness and timeliness of the testing frequent testing and monitoring will not be a problem.

A small footprint for the use of portable units, allows the CompleTest™ to be used for on-site testing without the tremendous costs that are associated with developed labs. The portability and on-site testing also means that test results are delivered within an hour. Third party labs can take weeks to return results. The portability also results in an ease-of-use interface for anyone using the device, negating heavy costs of training personnel to use the device.

The high sensitivity and reproducibility of the tests make FluroTech the only solution to perform broad-based on-site testing.

No it is not. However, the equipment is being validated externally and will be submitted to Health Canada to receive a “non-objectionable” status.