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A History of Fluorescence Microscopy and Flurotech's Advances

Fluorescence Spectroscopy – Sensitive and Specific.

The goal of FluroTech’s research and technology is to develop detection methods which are sensitive, specific, and easy-to-use. Fluorescence spectroscopy is a well-established technique that has been used for such purposes—thus, it is the basis of the scientific research performed here at FluroTech. 

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a highly sensitive optical technique which uses the physical phenomenon of fluorescence to characterize and quantify compounds in a sample. The chemical structure of certain molecules gives them the property of being fluorescent, meaning that upon absorbing light of a specific wavelength, they are able to then emit light at a different and specific wavelength. For decades, a “fluorimeter” has been used for collecting of this optical/light information. This instrument records the wavelength and intensity of the absorbed and emitted light, allowing for sensitive and specific detection and quantification of fluorescent molecules.

Throughout the history of scientific research, many fluorescent molecules have been discovered and synthesized. An important set of these molecules, often referred to as fluorescent dyes, have been used as a proxy for detection of a non-fluorescent molecule. The combination of highly sensitive, powerful, and compact state of the art fluorescence instrumentation with sensitive and selective fluorescence dyes is at the heart of FluroTech’s technology.

The FluroTech Approach to Fluorescence

Recognizing the power and sensitivity of fluorescence spectroscopy, FluroTech employs this established technique in its proprietary technology and detection methods.

Firstly, FluroTech has reimagined the design of the classic fluorimeter from a large, expensive instrument into a portable benchtop device called the CompleTest, which is a compact, low-cost, easy-to-use device with the sensitivity of many laboratory-grade fluorimeters. 

Secondly, the R&D team of FluroTech in collaboration with researchers at the University of Calgary have developed detection methods for organic and inorganic compounds applying the extraordinary potential of fluorescent dyes. By developing proprietary chemical systems that favor the interaction of desired molecules, FluroTech’s technology has created sensitive systems for the detection of compounds within a complex mixture.

FluroTech’s Applications and Advances

Given the nature of the fluorescence spectroscopy technique, the possible applications of FluroTech’s technology and research are far-reaching, to sectors including commercial industry, medical diagnostics, and contamination analysis.

Currently, the CompleTest device and corresponding detection tests have been successfully developed for the detection and quantification of cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp. Additionally, FluroTech (through FluroTest) has developed a system for detection of SARS-CoV-2 in saliva samples, a step towards building a fast, sensitive, point of collection multi-purpose pandemic response platform able to detect current and future viruses that have an extensive economic and social impact.

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