FluroTech is a fast growing company with a strong foundational team of talent and resources. Use the links below to find out more about our goals, investment opportunities, and executive summary.

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FluroTech Resources

Investor Presentation

Flurotech Investor Presentation PDF

An introductory presentation to FluroTech and CompleTest™ for Investors.

Fact Sheet

A Summarized Fact Sheet covering key points for Investing in FluroTech.

Regulatory Filings

An introductory presentation to Flurotech and CompleTest™ for Investors.

Investor Information

Investor Overview from

CompleTest™ Resources

Introduction Presentation

An introductory presentation to our CompleTest™ system

CompleTest Whitepaper

A Whitepaper for Our CompleTest™ System

Executive Summary

Executive Summary for our CompleTest™ System

Cannabis Product Testing Market

Cannabis Testing Market Overview from