Disrupting the Cannabis and Hemp Testing Market

FluroTech is committed to changing the way that the cannabis industry sees quality control and optimizes its products.

The FluroTech Edge

Leading Edge Technology

FluroTech is currently the only company in the marketplace providing an option for fast, accurate in-house testing. Our Fluorescence spectroscopy technology provides access to analysis technology that is significantly more reliable than any competing technology. The CompleTest™ cannabis and hemp testing device is the size of a pelican case, making it the most compact, portable testing device on the market.

High Growth Sector

As recreational cannabis becomes legal across the globe, its growth will buoy the ancillary markets as well. Cannabis and hemp producers have to constantly test their products for quality and safety. With an ever-increasing number of cultivators seeking to gain an edge over their competition, FluroTech provides the technology to do just that. The global cannabis market is growing at a rate of approximately 34% (CAGR), and is expected to continue growing at this rate until 2025 (based on figures from Grand View Research).

Value to Growers/Producers

FluroTech is enabling cannabis cultivators to bring more of their quality control function in-house. Removing the limitations of off-site testing reduces costs and timelines for our clients, this allows them to:

    1. Test their product on a continual basis.
    2. Reduce bottlenecks in the QC process.
    3. Optimize their crop yields through perfecting harvesting timelines and increasing profit margins.

Our Team

The Flurotech team is led by individuals with over 30 years of experience in leading and supporting successful business ventures. Our combination of expertise in science, business and academia mean that FluroTech has the right tools to achieve sustained, scalable growth.

The Future is Bright

CompleTest™ is only the start for FluroTech. With planned technology rollouts that allow for biomarking, increased agricultural precision, and increased quality control, FluroTech is poised for near term, high growth.

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FluroTech Sees What Others Don’t

The recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada represents the first domino to fall in an eventual global (legal) market. To say that the industry is experiencing rapid growth would be an understatement. Demand is growing exponentially, and with it, a rapidly increasing number of cannabis cultivators and ancillary industries.

Legislation and regulations in Canada and the U.S.A are creating demand for the development of products and technology to support and advance quality control and public safety for consumers. In an industry where time is extremely important, cultivators are constantly looking for ways to minimize time constraints and bring quality control and data in-house and to increase yield and profitability.

FluroTech is focused on providing the market with these types of innovations, starting with CompleTest™ and following that with a robust roadmap that has our sights set on quality, safety/compliance, and profitability for our customers.

The North American testing market is estimated to be worth over $600M by 2021 and the global market could potentially reach $1.2B in the same timeframe.

Source: Globe Newswire

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