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Investing in cannabis and hemp testing: a sizeable market

The recent legalization of Cannabis in Canada and the expansion of the cannabis and hemp industry across global jurisdictions, is driving rapid growth not just amongst the widely followed cultivator sector but also in ancillary sectors such as testing and measurement.  New legislation and regulations in Canada and the U.S. are creating demand for the development of products to support public safety objectives including quality control and potency of cannabis and hemp products through to roadside and workplace testing.


In addition, the competitive grower/producer industry is seeking highly accurate, affordable, and fast in-house cannabis and hemp testing solutions to meet product safety and sophisticated crop optimization objectives.

FluroTech, with its diverse product revenue streams across 3 distinct categories (precision agriculture, biomarking, and roadside/workplace testing), dual revenue subsets (analytical instruments and consumables), along with a highly qualified development and management team is uniquely positioned to exploit this opportunity and unlock significant value for its shareholders.

Why invest in FluroTech?

  • Early mover advantage

    FluroTech has an early mover advantage with its offerings of precision proprietary (patent pending) technologies and solutions to fill critical voids in the emerging cannabis and hemp industries.

  • Expected high growth sector

    Regulated markets continue to emerge in North America with Canada and more than 10 US states now have legalized the production and sale of cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational use.  Regulations to support standardization, uniform product testing, and quality assurance have been mandated across all legalized jurisdictions and new equipment and technologies are being sought to fill the complex and evolving demands of this new regulatory environment.  Legalization is also driving growth in the segment of the industry involved in growing and producing the plants.  In order to be competitive, today’s sophisticated growers and producers are seeking an edge to optimize yields and to differentiate their products based on quality and potency.   Fast, accurate, affordable, in-house testing equipment and solutions developed by FluroTech, promise to be a game-changer for this industry.

  • Strong value proposition for growers/producers

    This new breed of equipment is bringing cannabis and hemp testing in-house where, until now, options have been limited to off-site lab testing with the attendant high costs and long wait times of days to weeks to receive results. This key feature will also be instrumental in the practice of crop optimization within the industry (croptimization).


  • Diverse revenue streams

    Diverse product revenue streams target customers across 3 distinct market segments: Precision agriculture, biomarking for seed to sale tracking, individual testing which includes industrial/workplace testing, and roadside testing to support law enforcement.

  • Two distinct revenue subsets

    Analytical instruments including devices & scopes, as well as consumables in the form of single-use test kits to drive predictable high-margin recurring revenues utilizing the “razor-blade” model.

  • Superior technology, limited competition

    FluroTech’s proprietary fluorescence spectroscopy is superior technology as measured by cost, convenience, ease of use, accuracy, and repeatability.

  • Strong and experienced team

    Strong team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in science, academia, business, marketing, and more.

  • Commercial production in 2019

    First product is at commercial production stage and sales to be launched in 2019

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