How to Use


THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and knowing its potency is KEY for maximizing re-sale value and proper labeling.

CBD is the other main cannabinoid of cannabis, it does not create a psychoactive effect and is often used for medicinal purposes alongside THC or on its own.

Heavy Metals
Heavy metals like Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead are dangerous to consumers even in tiny amounts over time. Knowing heavy metal concentrations before cropping and sending samples to third party labs can save the grower time and money.

Pesticides, like Myclobutanil, are commonly used for growing vegetables. Unlike vegetables, cannabis is not washed before use/consumption and when Myclobutanil is heated (i.e. burning/smoking), it releases Hydrogen Cyanide which poses a serious health hazard to consumers. Ensuring consumer safety is a priority.



    User extracts a small portion of dried, ground cannabis bud, converting to a solution form.


    Mix the sample with the Test Kit reagent solution.


    Place the mixture inside of CompleTest™ for quantification. (approx. 60 seconds)


    Test results are sent immediately via Bluetooth from CompleTest™ to your tablet or mobile device.

The CompleTest™ Benefits


In-house testing means no shipping of samples. Get the results immediately!


Accessible to users who demand precise and reliable testing on a budget.

Cost Effective

Harvest your optimal yield by measuring quality throughout the grow cycle.


Complete data you can trust is data you can use. Count on industry-leading sensitivity and accuracy.

Easy to Use

No complex setup or interpretation required. Absolutely no technical expertise is needed.


Consistency differs from lab to lab. CompleTest provides consistent results all the time, every time.