The FluroTech Team

A strong team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in science, academia, business, marketing, and more.

Management Team

CEO ● Co-Founder


Danny brings over 35 years of corporate finance & valuation experience. He was a partner at a major international accounting firm for over 18 years. He also served as an MLA, as the energy critic in the Alberta Legislature. Dalla-Longa holds a B.Comm. degree in Chartered Business Valuation is a Certified Business Appraiser and has a Chartered Accountant designation.



Curtis is a Chartered Accountant and led the finance team at a publicly traded Company through transition to a globally-recognized technology leader. Previously, he guided a private company from conceptualization to a national brand leader as well as leading the finance team at a Calgary based oil field service company through a merger and integration process with a billion-dollar acquirer. His career began in the entrepreneurship group at KPMG, where Mr. Smith was an audit manager.

Chief Operating Officer


Rex brings to this venture 38 years of marketing and finance experience with early stage companies. Often his responsibilities included the negotiation and implementation of multi-jurisdictional transactions with long term agreements for the purchase and sale of company’s current and future production.
Director and Audit Committee Chair

David Majeski

Dave retired in 2015 following a 47 year career with RBC Royal Bank. In addition to his ongoing support of the community, Dave currently serves as a Director of 4 active businesses, 2 of which are public companies. In addition to director roles, Dave acts as Chairman of the Board for 1 company and Chair, Finance & Audit Committee for a second.  He is also honored to serve as a Trustee of the Sawridge Trusts.


Sid Dutchak

Chairman and Audit Committee Chair

Sid Dutchak is the President of Genstate Development Corp, a private Calgary-based consulting firm. He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Saskatchewan, where he practiced commercial and corporate law for many years.

Brendan Miles

M.D ● M.P.A ● B.Sc.

Brendan Miles is an Assistant Professor for the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine. In his past career Dr. Miles occupied the position of Program Director at the University of Calgary Sunridge Teaching Clinic. Dr. Miles received a doctorate, a graduate, and undergrad degree from Queen’s University



Currently employed as a security consultant, Rick Hanson spent over 40 years in policing. Rick started with the Calgary Police Service in 1975 and over the next 30 years worked in a number of operational and investigative areas.



As a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada and OCCRA, Imre brings fifteen years of responsible and successful, standard-setting industry experience and policy development to the table.


John W. Conroy QC has been practicing law since 1972. He has acted in numerous cannabis and other drug cases as well as a wide variety of criminal and prison law matters and test cases

DR. Prenner

Dr. Prenner brings over 28 years of expertise in fluorescence spectroscopy. He holds two US patents on antimicrobial peptides and optic filters and has contributed to over 70 peer reviewed publications. He also works as a Professor at the University of Calgary, within the department of Biological Sciences.

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