Flurotech Customers


Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is a private Canadian company rapidly emerging as a world leader in whole plant utilization for hemp superfoods, CBD and sustainable industrial products. We wholly believe in delivering a better world, fuelled by hemp.


Strategically positioned in highly populated, limited-license states, Curaleaf currently operates in 17 states with 53 dispensaries, 15 cultivation sites 24 processing sites and employs over 2,200 people across the United States.


Located in Creston British Columbia,where BC grown marijuana originated. We Grow has scalable production facilities currently consisting of 100,000 square feet of indoor space of which 24,000 has been retrofitted for Phase 1 Cultivation and up to 100-acre cultivation abilities for future production.


Mabre is an agricultural services company that has always worked hard on the way of innovation and improvement of its products for over 40 years. They provide air systems, drying ovens and the CompleTestTM for cannabis and hemp farms across North America.


HempLabs is working to provide a solution for law enforcement to effeciently test whether confiscated product is hemp or cannabis. They have selected the CompleTestTM  as the technology it wishes to promote as it believes it provides an accurate, easy-to-use, portable testing solution.


Remo Nutrients spawned from a passion for growing. Remo has helped thousands of people to learn the skills necessary to produce a world class product. Their expertise has landed them 34 awards, worldwide. Remo acts as a customer referral for the Company.


RMX is Pioneering at the intersection of agriculture and pharmaceuticals, made in Canada from cannabis cultivated outdoors. RMX is developing a licensed cannabis processing facility in Bow Island, Alberta to extract cannabinoids from industrial hemp and cannabis.



Enagon’s C-DC Grind & Dry Mill re-envisions traditional drying and powdering technology, reconfiguring it to economically meet modern industry needs. 

SOMA LABS Scientific

Soma Labs Scientific is invested in the creation of quality extracts; it’s the pursuit that guides and inspires every aspect of their equipment design, research, and scientific services.


Growing quality cannabis in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Flowr is dedicated to the production of quality, interesting cultivars that differentiate them from the other LP’s in Canada. 

Canntx Life sciences

CannTx is setting new standards of quality for medicinal and recreational cannabis products through a distinct blend of science, technology, and innovation. 

Midas Letter

Midas Letter is the journal of “best-in-class” companies in all sectors. Publisher James West is a recognized authority on investing in the emerging company segment having been a regularly featured guest on Business News Network, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, CTV and most recently as investment columnist in the Financial Post. James has hosted FluroTech Ltd. on his podcast series and acts as a source of customer referrals for the Company.

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