About Us

Changing The Way You See In-House Testing

Building Technology that Optimizes Cannabis Quality

FluroTech is an Alberta based technology company that is changing how people view the cannabis and hemp testing industry.

Our mission is to enhance the safety and quality of the cannabis industry for everyone from producers to consumers.

We provide technology so that cannabis cultivators have a fast, accurate and cost-effective alternative to traditional laboratory testing. Our flagship technology, CompleTest™, utilizes fluorescence spectroscopy technology to provide cultivators with a portable, accurate, and efficient way to measure the THC and CBD in their product (with pesticide and heavy metal testing not far behind).

Disrupting the Cannabis and Hemp Testing Market

The cannabis market is growing, Canada is nearing 200 licensed producers and micro cultivation is beginning to come into play. Technological advancements are required to ensure that the industry can continue to meet testing demands.

Given the testing options available today, most cannabis cultivators have to send their product off to third-party labs for analysis. This process can take up to three weeks to process the cannabis and deliver results. This, combined with the risks of cross lab variance (read: different readouts based on different lab metrics) has created an industry that can’t be relied on to deliver consistent testing results.

Enter CompleTest™, FluroTech’s flagship technology, a portable, accurate, in-house testing solution for cannabis cultivators (or anyone else that may require cannabis and hemp testing technology).  With beta testing underway and several clients lined up to trial the CompleTest™ in Q2 of this year (2019), FluroTech is poised to reimagine the cannabis and hemp testing industry.

The combination of technologies that FluroTech uses in the CompleTest™ device allows for easily repeatable testing of cannabis and hemp products, with each test taking less than 30 minutes. Repeatable, accurate testing of their product allows our clients to maximize their crop yield and revenue.

With High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and lab testing, the technology is only ever as good as the chemistry allows. CompleTest™ is a modular technology that can continually be upgraded to increase the scope of what it can test for.

Meet the FluroTech team

A highly experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in
science, academia, business development and more.

The Future of FluroTech

While sales of our CompleTest™system have begun, FluroTech is focused on expanding our offering to the cannabis and hemp industry. The first step in doing this is with biomarking technology. This will allow cannabis and hemp producers and regulatory bodies in-depth seed to sale tracking of product. This technology will reduce time constraints and bottlenecks in the supply chain. The ability for regulatory boards to test for biomarkers will also reduce the potential for Black Market product to enter the legal market, ensuring safety for the end consumer. If you have any please contact us today.

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