A New Solution for Cannabis & Hemp Testing

FluroTech is changing the status quo by empowering cannabis and hemp cultivators to bring testing technology in-house.

The Cannabis and Hemp Testing Space

Over the course of the last few years, recreational cannabis has been legalized in several States and all of Canada (and other countries are following suit). This new industry has led to the number of companies focused on the growth of cannabis and hemp to drastically increase. With the rise of these producers, other ancillary industries have sprung up as well. One of the most important of these industries is cannabis and hemp testing, but currently, it is a widely underrepresented industry.

In North America alone there are over 2000 cultivators and approximately 10% as many cannabis and hemp testing labs. From an efficiency standpoint, this is not an ideal environment for industry growth. On top of this, a lack of a true governing body means that lab results can differ wildly depending on which lab is conducting the tests.

This is where FluroTech comes in. With our CompleTest™ system, cannabis and hemp cultivators are able to better understand their product.

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How FluroTech Gives Cannabis And Hemp Producers Peace Of Mind 

Reduce Time Constraints

Optimizing Crops

Saving Money

Ease of Use

When Cultivators know their product before sending it to a lab, they are not subject to that lab’s timelines. Allowing them to spend more time on growing quality cannabis and less time waiting for lab results.

Repeatable, accurate testing enables producers to focus on optimizing their harvest. Cycling crops at an optimal rate is key to maximizing revenue and reducing potential downtime.

CompleTest™ is substantially cheaper than equivalent technologies and does not require a skilled laborer to run. Our clients can focus on growing their business instead of investing in incredibly expensive and complex machinery.

CompleTest™ can be run by anyone with just a few hours training. This low barrier to use reduces the load on QA team members, creating a more fluid process.

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