A New Solution for Cannabis & Hemp Testing

FluroTech is changing the status quo by empowering cannabis and hemp cultivators to bring testing technology in-house.

The Cannabis and Hemp Testing Market at a Glance

Multiple 3rd party tests rquired
Issues in industries regulations
Less than one lab for every 10 growers in N. America
Cross Lab variabilty reduces confidence
State to state requirements can vary greatly
Cost between $75 – $600 per test
No standardized testing practices
Inaccurate results can lead to a loss in revenue
Results can take up to 3 weeks to get back
Creates up to 45g of product waste per test

Everything you need to know about CompleTest™ in one convenient package

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Increase Yields, Decrease Bottlenecks

Time Constraints

Optimizing Yields

Save Money

Easy to Use

Understanding your product before you send it to a third party. CompleTest™  allows cultivators to focus more on the growth and quality of their crops and less time waiting for lab results.

Repeatable, accurate testing enables cultivators to focus on optimizing their harvest. Optimizing crop cycling is key to maximizing revenue and throughput.

CompleTest™ is substantially cheaper and easier to operate than equivalent technologies. We allow our clients to focus on growing their business instead of investing in expensive and complex machinery.

CompleTest™ can be run by anyone with just a few hours of training. This low barrier to use reduces the load on QA team members, creating a more fluid operation.


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