How Cannabis is Firing up the US Supply Chain

Flurotech Cannabis & Hemp Testing Technology Completest

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. companies cannot stop talking about marijuana, hoping in part they can catch investor interest as the booming economy around the drug lifts revenues throughout the supply chain. Read The Full Article On The Reuters Website

For Canadian Cannabis Companies the US is the Prize

The legalization of cannabis products is still big news in Canada, but the blue-sky potential for most companies in the pot space is probably south of the border. That’s the conclusion Ahead of the Herd came to after researching the two markets. Read The Full Article

Cannabis Tester FluroTech is a Market Disruptor

Currently there is no universal method for testing cannabis products. But as regulated cannabis markets continue to emerge in North America (Canada and 11 US states now have legal marijuana, sold for medicinal and recreational purposes), there is a growing need for a system of rapid and effective cannabis testing. The testing market is pegged […]

FluroTech – New Opportunity in the Cannabis Industry

As regulated cannabis markets continue to emerge in North America, and with Canadian legalization underway, the need for rapid and effective testing is pressing. Regulatory bodies will require licensed producers to test their products to ensure they meet the established requirements for sale putting increased pressure on the already overloaded certified labs. Read The Full […]

FluroTech Advances Biomarker Technology

FluroTech Ltd. (TSX-V: TEST) (OTCQB: FLURF) recently announced a new proof-of-concept for its advanced cannabis biomarker technology, which enables cultivators, dispensaries, and regulators to easily trace products across the supply chain. Read The Full Article

FluroTech Wins Best-of-Show Award After Impressive Live Testing

FluroTech Ltd. (TSX-V: TEST) (OTCQB: FLURF) debuted its CompleTest™ to the public for the first time at the 2019 LIFT Expo. Master growers and quality assurance personnel were impressed by live demonstrations showing the technology’s simplicity, speed, accuracy, and consistency of results, which could enable them to bring a lot of analytical tasks in-house that were previously […]

Cannabis Space Green Shoots Not What Most Think

Flurotech Cannabis & Hemp Testing Technology Completest

The cannabis supplier market has so far been overlooked by retail investors, most of whom have gravitated towards the big licensed producers like Canopy Growth and Aurora – growers that saw huge gains in the lead-up to legalization last fall. We at Ahead of the Herd believe the best investment opportunities in the cannabis space […]

FluroTech’s CompleTest™ Makes Cannabis Testing More Accessible

Flurotech Cannabis & Hemp Testing Technology Completest

The market for cannabis and hemp testing is projected to be $300 million in Canada, $750 million in the United States, and $2.75 billion worldwide. Despite the market size and tremendous need, most cannabis and hemp testing solutions are both expensive and unreliable. Cultivators struggle to optimize yields and contain infestations, while consumers have faced […]